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Statistics for url: https://s3.timeweb.cloud/7b570a27-935d60ef-5688-4354-b9c2-35661b7dec60/index.html

GoURL: https://gourl.gr/f5mk

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On the below chart, you can view the number of clicks of the GoURL per day for the last 15 days. You can also filter the data based on the geolocation of the device that opened the GoURL.

Last 15 days Click Statistics

You can also filter the clicks chart by country: all countries  United States(397)  Germany(91)  United Kingdom(80)  Greece(46)  Mexico(45)  France(44)  Canada(43)  Argentina(28)  Italy(26)  Brazil(25)  Poland(23)  Spain(19)  Romania(18)  Belgium(18)  Sweden(17)  Japan(17)  Colombia(17)  Russian Federation(15)  Chile(15)  Australia(12)  Netherlands(12)  Ukraine(12)  Indonesia(11)  China(9)  Switzerland(9)  Turkey(8)  Norway(8)  Philippines(7)  Czech Republic(6)  Denmark(6)  Austria(6)  New Zealand(5)  Slovak Republic(5)  South Africa(5)  Israel(5)  Hungary(5)  Ecuador(4)  Puerto Rico (US)(4)  Vietnam(4)  Finland(4)  Taiwan(3)  Bolivia(3)  Thailand(3)  Peru(3)  Costa Rica(3)  Seychelles(3)  Honduras(3)  Venezuela(2)  Jamaica(2)  Hong Kong(2)  Saudi Arabia(2)  Bosnia-Herzegovina(2)  Cyprus(2)  Ireland(2)  Bulgaria(2)  Portugal(2)  India(2)  Papua New Guinea(1)  Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of(1)  Panama(1)  Singapore(1)  Uruguay(1)  Lebanon(1)  Grenada(1)  Kazachstan(1)  Guatemala(1)  Cook Islands(1)  Pakistan(1)  Malaysia(1)  Kuwait(1)  Korea (South)(1)  Dominican Republic(1)  Belize(1)  Bangladesh(1)