The URL compressor(or URL shortener)

With this free service you can "compress" a url into a smaller one that you can easily use. Easier to remember, post it in the social media, store in your mobile, or send it via sms. For example, the url: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/3235261/Walking-house-can-escape-floods-or-unruly-neighbours.html becomes: http://gourl.gr/ej , a very small(tiny) url!

How can you do this?
a) Enter a url in the following field. Or copy the url from your browser address bar and paste it below.
b) Then click the Compress button.

NEW QRCode for your url in the usage statistics page.
By adding the character +(plus) at the end of a GoURL brings you on the usage statistics page. Ex: for https://gourl.gr/ej the usage statistics page is https://gourl.gr/ej+

NEW iPhone/Android compatible interface. Try GoURL on your iPhone or Android phone. It fits just right.

This service is free. Every url that you create here remains active for ever.

Why use GoURL?

  • You can transform a big url to a tiny one, that you can easy remember and use it in online message services(twitter), in your emails, SMS or store in your mobile.
  • All the urls that you create will be in the form: https://gourl.gr/ej It is obvious how much simpler such a url is.

Service Terms

This service is offered for free to everyone and has the purpose to simplify the use of urls. Any use of this service for spamming or any other illegal use will lead to immediate cancelation of the offending gourl. This service does not offer any type of guarantee.